Why Liverpool is perfect for Polish People

By 12 March 2021

Despite Brexit, Britain is still a multicultural country with different nationalities. From the western United States to eastern Europe, people have moved to England and now call it proud. There are many reasons why Britain is very attractive to foreigners. There are things to love, from beautiful cities to job opportunities to excellent health and education systems.

Poland is no exception and the Polish community in Britain is very strong. While the majority of British immigrants settled in London, Liverpool also attracted foreign settlers, including many Poles. The Poles of Liverpool and Merseyside remain the choice of the people. Read on to find out why.

Poles works very hard

Poland is known as an active nation which is always looking for. In a city with a majority of workers like Liverpool, this is a fantastic property. There are many jobs in Liverpool available online. All of them allow Poles to stand out. Any Polish family who comes to England and wants to find work based on their philosophy of hard work is lucky in Liverpool.

Poland feels welcome in Liverpool

After Brexit, racial crimes against non-British citizens living in the United Kingdom increased with a shocking and nasty attack against foreigners. They were seen all over the country and many of them also came to Poland. In Liverpool, however, the Polish community declared itself very welcome even after the democratic Brexit vote and result which classified Merseyside as an inclusive place for its citizens.

A footballing city

Liverpool is one of the cities in England whose heart rate depends on the performance of the local football team. Football is important worldwide, including in Poland. All Polish football fans that are in Liverpool can take part in first class action in the Premier League. Football is an international language and also the Polish language!

These are just a few of the reasons why everyone in Poland likes to live and work in Liverpool!

Connecting to other places and centres is easy

Liverpool is a lively city that makes it easy for Polish singles and families to meet other people from their home country. This can be done on sites like International which keep expats in touch with other expats who want to learn and explore Liverpool. This can make installation in your new Liverpudlian environment easier and less intimidating.

Nightlife and entertainment

There are many famous hotspots in the centre of Liverpool. Everyone has heard of the Cavern Club, home of The Beatles and the star-studded establishment of the Genting Casino, where many footballers and b-listed celebrities are seen. The Genting Casino offers gaming tables of poker and blackjack with slot machines and an online gambling service that brings in many crowds. They also have a number of jobs that original nationalities deem beneath them making it idea for polish residents to land are regular income if making the move to Liverpool. For poles who prefer gambling online, we recommend this website: https://www.kasynopolskaonline.com/polskie-kasyno/.

Polish restaurant in Liverpool

Polish food is delicious, and if you live in Liverpool, you don’t have to settle for an often boring English menu. Everyone in the city can eat and try delicious Polish cuisine with many Polish restaurants and bakeries. One of them, Happy Day on Prescot Road, a Polish restaurant, serves delicious pierogi and free ice cream!