Living in Liverpool – From Old School to New School

By 12 March 2021

We sit down with three very special people that have lived and living in special times. Three Liverpudlians that will share with us what it was like to live in Liverpool, one in the 60’s, another in the 80’s and lastly, now, in 2020.

Liverpool 1960 – Ray Wise

Ray Wise, now at 80, he was in his 20s during the 1960s and recalls what Liverpool was like back them when music was putting his city on the map.

“I distinctly remember this period of my life because it was the first time that people of Liverpool felt a sense of pride about where they came from. We had the best music being made, of course, everyone back them liked The Beatles, but there was so much more going on back then as well. It was a very warming time for everyone. I was working as a docker at the time, loading and unloading the cargo that come in on these huge ships with containers stacked on top of one another. The Royal Albert Dock was very important for jobs in Liverpool, it was a poor city Liverpool at the time and that’s why we felt a sense of pride whenever someone became famous, whether it was music or football. These things were what kept us going and held the Liverpudlian spirit.”

Liverpool 1980 – Jess Cargill

Jessica Cargill was 32 in the 80’s and work in the Blue Light Casino and recalls just what 1980’s Liverpool offered her at the time.

“Liverpool in the 80s was all about trying to gain a new identity, life was tough and being under a tory party, jobs were hard to come by. I was unemployed for three years and got a job working the poker tables at the Blue Light Casinos. The casino, however, was never as busy as you would want it to be. You had a generation of people trying to get out of the city and move south for work which is really odd to think. A lot of my friends at the time were either in jail or joining the army.

Drugs was also an issue in Liverpool as the music scene was turning into a dance culture especially by the late 80s with rave coming out of nowhere.”

Liverpool 2020 – John B. Barnett

We now are experiencing a very strange time in all our lives. As a global pandemic rages across the entire planet with over 6 million cases, how has it been living in Liverpool and what can the future hold. We asked 19-year-old, John Barnett for his take on where Liverpool is right now.

“Well, so far 2020 has been a very peculiar experience. With the Covid-19 virus meaning we have had to be on lockdown hasn’t been ideal. I’m obviously a Liverpool fan and I supposed to be celebrating us lifting the title but now football has been postponed its all very surreal.

I’ve had to stop working as I worked behind a bar in town, it’s been alright spending time with my mum more but there are times when the conversation seems forced. I’ve been in touch with my mates and girlfriend via WhatsApp and stuff. The community has been alright, people volunteering to do the shop for the older people living round here. I think what will come out of this is a better awareness of people and caring, I hope it lasts and I hope the changes are positive but I fear we may forget and go back to where we were as a country in 2019.”